Play an active role in FÉRIQUE’s management

FÉRIQUE Funds are different than other funds in many ways. One of the major differences is that you can become a member of Gestion FÉRIQUE.

Our members guarantee the organization's long-term success and maintain our more than 40-years tradition of rigour and discipline. Every FÉRIQUE Fund unitholder can choose to become a member.

Each member’s role is to oversee the activities of Gestion FÉRIQUE and its Funds. For this reason, members:

  • Receive information on the Organization’s budgets and results;
  • Elect the Organization’s directors;
  • Discuss the Organization’s business at the Annual Meeting of the Members;
  • Participate on the Board of Directors (if elected) or the Investment Monitoring Committee of FÉRIQUE Funds (if appointed).

The initial membership fee is $20. Every December, members are invited to renew their membership at no additional cost if they remain unitholders of FÉRIQUE Funds.

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